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Unbeatable Commercial And House Painters Services In Elmore, AL

House Painters Services Elmore AL

The paint on your houses walls, either it be the interior walls or exterior walls, the color scheme can make the whole atmosphere and mood different. A well painted exterior of a home can raise attention for a potential buyer or simply leave a great first impression for relatives and guests that come to your home. Then a well painted interior of a house, with a thought out color scheme can put you and your family at ease and to be in a little oasis from a busy day. Our team of skilled painter Elmore AL can give you a color consultation to help create a perfect color scheme that can flow through your home in Elmore, AL just as you want. 

Commercial Painting Contractors Services Elmore AL

It is important to help your business stand out from the others surrounding it. A simple way to raise the curb appeal for your commercial property is giving it a fresh coat a paint. This provides a clean look, and a great first impression for the many people who pass by and your many clients. Not only can we give a new color on your walls but we also offer creative designs that can be unique to your business. We strive to get the job done on time and on budget. 

Interior Painter Services Elmore AL

When we work in the inside of your residential or commercial property, we will treat it with respect as if it were our own. Our team of professional painter Elmore AL make sure to cover or remove any items that could get damaged during the painting process. This includes putting down a painting drop cloth on the ground, covering light fixtures, removing furniture, and applying painter’s tape on any trims or other areas that will need it. We want to be able to capture the dream look you have been wanting. So when we paint the inside of your home we can do just small rooms or even the whole interior. Not only can we paint the rooms, but we pay attention to detail. The professional painters that work with us will make sure to look for those tiny parts that play big roles in helping the house flow perfectly. Areas that we can paint inside are:

  • Bedrooms
  • Office Space
  • Stairwells
  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Entrance/ Foyer

Exterior Painter Services Elmore AL

The exterior of your home can leave a lasting impression, whether that be to future buyers or it be to your many future house guests. When a home is well painted in the exterior it can help raise not only the value of your residential property but also curb appeal, helping it stand out from the other homes in the area. Our professional and skilled painter Elmore AL can work with any surface. In past painting projects we have worked with surfaces such as Stucco, Concrete, Wood, Stone, Brick, Composite and even Siding. We make sure to cover the tiny details like the doors, windows, fences and railings, garage doors, wood and vinyl shutters and many more.

Deck And Fence Staining Elmore AL

Our decks and fences go through years of wear and tear. Through the harsh sun rays, large rainstorms, and the constant change in the weather the wood on the fences and decks are at risk for some major splintering, cracks, warping or even accumulating mold. When a deck is not properly maintained it can even be at risk of needing a full replacement in just as little as 15 years! By properly maintaining a deck and fence, you can keep them looking new and fresh and even have the probability of lasting longer. This will get them ready for those summer BBQ’s and parties. At Montgomery Painting Company, we can help maintain your deck and fence by giving it a fresh new look by staining, and sealing those wood grains so that the beautiful wood you chose can last longer. 

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